Coachella 2015

Coachella: the pinnacle of any festival-fanatic’s career. This year’s music and arts festival, hosted annually in Indio, California, attracted a variety of fans, featured artists, and fashion icons alike.

Beyonce on her flight to California to attend Coachella Music & Arts Festival

Beyonce on her flight to California to attend Coachella Music & Arts Festival

The attendee list was star-studded, as usual. Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Bradley Cooper, and Beyoncé were among the celebrities in attendance at the two-week festival.

There were a myriad of unforgettable moments, and the list of festival highlights is extensive. But I’ll try to compile a brief list of the biggest moment  included Florence and the Machine’s set, which sparked a festival-wide dance party. AC/DC made an appearance, playing timeless classics like “Hell’s Bells” and “Highway to Hell”.

The moment that almost crashed every social media site on the internet, however, was the moment that Madonna and Drake shared a passionate make-out session on stage during Drake’s set.

The lengthy lip-lock was followed by a lap dance, as well as a very confused look on Drake’s face.


Madonna kisses Drake at Coachella Music Festival 2015

However, Drake’s set drew the largest crowd of the weekend, even outnumbering the Weeknd’s massive audience to close out the festival on Saturday night.

The Weeknd nevertheless put on a spectacular show, bringing surprise guest Kanye West onstage to crush the remainder of the set.

Kanye brought the audience to their feet with classics like “Black Skinhead” and “Don’t Like”, as well as performing a song off his new album titled “All Day”.

There were a number of other highlights throughout the two-week duration of the festival. However, if you were watching at home via Youtube or roaming the festival grounds amongst an array of celebrities, it was a Coachella Festival for the books.


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