Sugar: Yes Please

In a cruel twist of irony, Adam Levine was pelted in the face with a white, powdery substance outside of Jimmy Kimmel’s studio yesterday.

Levine, the frontman for Maroon 5, was heading into the studio to conduct an interview with Kimmel when he was sugar-bombed by an onlooking fan.

Adam Levine, post sugar attack.

Adam Levine, post sugar attack.

The act seems to have been inspired by the recent hit single released by Levine and his band, titled “Sugar.”

Spectators say that Levine was signing autographs amongst a crowd of fans, when a man approached unexpectedly and threw powdered sugar into his face.

Levine looked unamused and slightly shaken by the stunt, and proceeded quickly into the studio.

Security detained the sugar-bomber until police arrived.

Levine appeared to have cleaned up before appearing for his interview, as there was not a hint of sugar on his face when he sat down to chat with Kimmel later on.

The sugar-bomber has now been identified by LA police as Navid Farisi, who was arrested for his sugary attack on Levine. Farisi was also charged battery in a separate incident involving Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, whom Farisi threw– you guessed it– a rock at.

Farisi’s streak of cruelly ironic (possibly punny?) crimes has certainly failed to amuse his celebrity targets.

All I can say is: SUGAR! YES PLEASE!


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