Tina Fey Sports the Spanx on Letterman

Tina Fey waved goodbye not only to David Letterman, but also to “conforming to gender roles” this past week in her final appearance on the Late Show.

As Letterman’s retirement quickly approaches, Fey decided to bid him farewell in the only way she knew how: hilariously.

Fey arrived for her interview in a gorgeous blue dress, which Letterman complimented as “something Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton would wear.”

In classic Fey fashion, Tina responded that this would be the “last time she wore a fancy dress and conformed to gender roles” on a late night show. She joked about her old friend and colleague, Jimmy Fallon, saying that “dressing up for Jimmy would be creepy– he’s like my brother.”

After confessing that “the next time you see me, I will be playing charades in a slanket,” Fey told Letterman that she would like to give him the dress as a farewell gift.

Then, to the audience’s surprise, she began to take off the blue dress to reveal her bra and a black Spanx leotard underneath. The leotard read: “BYE DAVE!” on the front and “#LastDressEver” on the back.

Fey’s comedic genius shined through once again, and emerged victorious in her constant combat against societal gender norms. Because how else do you confront the patriarchy without a little fearlessness and a lot of funny?


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