FOX Network announced earlier today that American Idol will be completing it’s 15th and final season in 2016.

And so, we remember the show that inspired a trend of programs like “America’s Got Talent”, “The Voice”, and “The XFactor”. We pay tribute to our beloved contestants, from Kelly Clarkson to Jordin Sparks to David Cook to Adam Lambert to Jennifer Hudson.

We remember Simon Cowell’s terrifying opinions and every time he burned contestants so badly they needed a skin graph. We remember the charisma of Ryan Seacrest as he held the audiences in enough suspense to cause an ulcer.

We remember the tears, the miracles, and the high notes that gave us goosebumps. We remember the OG judge squad of Simon, Paula and Randy. But most of all, we remember the phenomenon of American Idol and it’s incredible ability to make people’s dreams come to life.



“Grey’s Anatomy” fans everywhere were left in shock at the conclusion of last weeks tragic episode.


Dr. Derek Sheppard, more commonly known as McDreamy, was killed off in a shocking twist during last weeks episode. Tears were shed, tissue boxes were emptied, and hundreds of angry tweets were sent to Shonda Rhimes.

Dr. Derek Sheppard, aka McDreamy, portrayed by actor Patrick Dempsey

Dr. Derek Sheppard, aka McDreamy, portrayed by actor Patrick Dempsey

What makes McDreamy’s death particularly surprising is that Patrick Dempsey, the actor who plays the adored physician, had recently signed a two year contract with Grey’s Anatomy that would allow him to remain with the series throughout the entire 12th season.

“Derek Shepherd is and will always be an incredibly important character – for Meredith, for me and for the fans. I absolutely never imagined saying goodbye to our ‘Mcdreamy,’ ” creator/executive producer Shonda Rhimes said in a statement. “Patrick Dempsey’s performance shaped Derek in a way that I know we both hope became a meaningful example – happy, sad, romantic, painful and always true – of what young women should demand from modern love.”

As far as the show goes, no one is sure what is in store for Meredith Grey as she copes with this overwhelming loss. In fact, many viewers are in the same boat: completely unsure of how to cope with the emotional trauma of McDreamy’s death.

The only thing we can really process at this point is: RIP McDreamy.

But, never fear, the 11th season isn’t over yet! The finale will air this upcoming week, on May 14th.

Royal Baby Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Britain’s Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, welcomed their newborn princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana into the royal family this past week.

Charlotte was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in London on Saturday, May 2nd. The baby is fourth in line to the British Throne, behind Prince Charles, William, and her big brother George.

Shortly after giving birth, Duchess Kate was glowing outside of the hospital, holding the newborn princess, standing alongside a smiling Prince William.

Duchess Kate Middleton holding newborn Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, standing alongside a smiling Prince William.

Duchess Kate Middleton holding newborn Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, standing alongside a smiling Prince William.

There was initially widespread speculation as to the name of the newborn royalty, with a debate over whether she should be named Charlotte or Alice. William and Kate decided on Charlotte, which has received worldwide praise and approval.

The princess’s name not only pays tribute to both sides of the family, but also promotes the continuity of royalty for which the monarchy is so famed.

The name Charlotte, which is the feminine form of Charles, pays tribute to Prince William’s father Charles and is coincidentally also the middle name of Duchess Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton.

Her middle name, Elizabeth, pays tribute to the history of royalty in the British family. Prince William’s grandmother and great-grandmother were both named Elizabeth, and Queen Elizabeth II will become Britain’s longest reigning monarch on September 9 of this year.

Finally, possibly the most significant tribute to the family, is Charlotte’s third name: Diana.

An emotional tribute to Prince William’s late mother, the publicly adored Princess Diana, Charlotte’s third name ensures that Diana’s memory is kept alive for the next generation of young royals.

Welcome to the world, Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge!

Miley Cyrus Launches Happy Hippie Foundation

Miley Cyrus, the 22 year old singer of “We Can’t Stop”, has recently launched a new organization that will strive to fight youth homelessness and promote pro-LGBT causes. The organization is titled the Happy Hippie Foundation.

Cyrus recognized the overwhelming issue of homelessness that has been facing the youth community, particularly LGBT youths.

“I’m the one that can fix it,” Cyrus told Good Morning America of the crises facing young homeless people. “I feel like I’m completely not tied to a gender or to an age. I feel like an infinite cosmic thing, and that’s what I want people to feel… Forty percent of homelessness is really focused on the LGBT community, because, I think, of the lack of acceptance.”

Cyrus has teamed up with fellow musicians, such as Ariana Grande and Joan Jett, to promote the foundation on Facebook via music videos.

In combining her musical talent with her desire to spread awareness, Cyrus recently released a backyard music video session in which she performs the song “Androgynous” with rock legend Joan Jett.

“I’m fighting for people I don’t know,” said Cyrus. “But it’s also a fight for people I do know, and people I’m close to and love.”

Each video posted offers a “donate” button, which users can click to contribute to funds raised to create digital support groups for LGBT and homeless youths.

You can click here to donate:

Met Gala Glamour

Celebrities gathered to celebrate the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s China: Through the Looking Glass exhibition.

The annual Met Gala once again marked the grand opening of the Metropolitan Costume Institute’s fashion exhibit in New York City. In order to pay tribute to this year’s theme, celebrities arrived dressed in breathtaking oriental-inspired fashions.

Here were some of the most talked about looks from the 2015 Met Gala:

Rihanna arrived in a breathtaking yellow gown by Guo Pei. The dress had a train that appeared to stretch for miles, making Rihanna’s entrance more gallant than any spectator thought possible.

Rihanna at the 2015 Met Gala.

Rihanna at the 2015 Met Gala.

Kendall Jenner arrived doting the Calvin Klein Collection. The green accents of her shimmering gown highlighted Jenner’s stunning, dark features.

Kendall Jenner at the 2015 Met Gala.

Kendall Jenner at the 2015 Met Gala.

Adrien Brody arrived wearing Dolce & Gabbana. The jacket of his suit shined of velvet, with gorgeous embroidery lining the entire ensemble.

Adrien Brody at the 2015 Met Gala.

Adrien Brody at the 2015 Met Gala.

Lady Gaga arrived in an extravagant Balenciaga gown, complete with a delicate headpiece. Gaga’s ensemble captured the Chinese culture, yet was simplistic and elegant in nature.

Lady Gaga at the 2015 Met Gala.

Lady Gaga at the 2015 Met Gala.

Finally, Beyoncé arrived nearly an hour and a half late (in her defense, a queen is never late; everyone else is simply early) wearing a stunning Givenchy gown that showcased her impeccable physique.

Beyoncé at the 2015 Met Gala.

Beyoncé at the 2015 Met Gala.

The icon stole the entire red carpet, turning heads with every whip of her high pony-tail. Her gown encapsulated the Looking Glass theme, with stunning crystals holding together a transparent mesh fabric.

Each ensemble had everyone talking, and the 2015 Met Gala went down in the books as another incredible display of fashion and culture.

Tina Fey Sports the Spanx on Letterman

Tina Fey waved goodbye not only to David Letterman, but also to “conforming to gender roles” this past week in her final appearance on the Late Show.

As Letterman’s retirement quickly approaches, Fey decided to bid him farewell in the only way she knew how: hilariously.

Fey arrived for her interview in a gorgeous blue dress, which Letterman complimented as “something Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton would wear.”

In classic Fey fashion, Tina responded that this would be the “last time she wore a fancy dress and conformed to gender roles” on a late night show. She joked about her old friend and colleague, Jimmy Fallon, saying that “dressing up for Jimmy would be creepy– he’s like my brother.”

After confessing that “the next time you see me, I will be playing charades in a slanket,” Fey told Letterman that she would like to give him the dress as a farewell gift.

Then, to the audience’s surprise, she began to take off the blue dress to reveal her bra and a black Spanx leotard underneath. The leotard read: “BYE DAVE!” on the front and “#LastDressEver” on the back.

Fey’s comedic genius shined through once again, and emerged victorious in her constant combat against societal gender norms. Because how else do you confront the patriarchy without a little fearlessness and a lot of funny?

Sugar: Yes Please

In a cruel twist of irony, Adam Levine was pelted in the face with a white, powdery substance outside of Jimmy Kimmel’s studio yesterday.

Levine, the frontman for Maroon 5, was heading into the studio to conduct an interview with Kimmel when he was sugar-bombed by an onlooking fan.

Adam Levine, post sugar attack.

Adam Levine, post sugar attack.

The act seems to have been inspired by the recent hit single released by Levine and his band, titled “Sugar.”

Spectators say that Levine was signing autographs amongst a crowd of fans, when a man approached unexpectedly and threw powdered sugar into his face.

Levine looked unamused and slightly shaken by the stunt, and proceeded quickly into the studio.

Security detained the sugar-bomber until police arrived.

Levine appeared to have cleaned up before appearing for his interview, as there was not a hint of sugar on his face when he sat down to chat with Kimmel later on.

The sugar-bomber has now been identified by LA police as Navid Farisi, who was arrested for his sugary attack on Levine. Farisi was also charged battery in a separate incident involving Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, whom Farisi threw– you guessed it– a rock at.

Farisi’s streak of cruelly ironic (possibly punny?) crimes has certainly failed to amuse his celebrity targets.

All I can say is: SUGAR! YES PLEASE!

The Bruce Jenner Interview

“For all intents and purposes, I am a woman,” said Bruce Jenner in his groundbreaking interview with Diane Sawyer on April 24th.

The highly anticipated interview, which drew a live audience of more than 80,000 to their televisions, has received an incredible amount of attention… for more reasons than one.

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner

There is a generational gap that diverges the perspective that many audience members have of Bruce Jenner. To some, he is merely the average father in the background of an unbelievably popular reality series: Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But to others, he is Bruce Jenner: 1976 Olympic Hero and extraordinary athlete.

In his interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner introduced an entirely new perspective on his life. Bruce Jenner, for all intents and purposes, is a woman.

The emotional two-hour special covered aspects of Jenner’s personal life, as well as covering the myriad of facts about the issues facing the transgender community.

“I’ve always been very confused with my gender identity,” said Jenner of the struggle he has been facing his entire life.

Jenner explained his struggle to the audience in the same way that he explained it to his children. He feels that each person is created by God with a struggle to overcome in their lifetime, and that God gave him the soul of a female and said  “let’s see how he deals with that.”

The interview spurned a tidal wave of emotions, as well as millions of reactions from everyone watching in the audience. Many took to social media to commend Jenner’s courage. Celebrities, fans, viewers and members of the transgender community offered their admiration and support of Jenner via twitter.

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“Keep an open mind, and an open heart,” said Jenner. It truly is that simple.

The full interview is available to view here: